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Escape Room Reviews

Fancy being locked in a room and having to escape?

Our teams have found themselves locked up for 60 minutes with a series of clues and puzzles to solve and objectives to complete. Read our reviews on physical games that our teams have played around the world plus reports for online and at-home games.

Find out which Escape Rooms we'd recommend and discover which Escape-room-in-a-box / online escape games are the best.

Escape Rooms - Reviewed
Murder Mystery Reviews and Products

Murder Mysteries

Share your passion for Investigation as you unravel the mystery.

Discover murder mystery adventures to play at home and online.  Find mystery books to read at our City Adventurers Solve the Murder bookshop.  Play mystery jigsaws and games. 

Unravel plots and uncover secrets as you deduce Who-Done-It and Solve The Murder? 


City Adventurers

Do you love exploring? Are you longing for a bit more excitement ?Join the City Adventurers and start discovering new things, exploring new places, taking part in themed events and add some adventure to your life! 

Dr who time fracture
Treasure Hunts in London

Treasure Hunts in London

Treasure Hunts in London and scavengerhunts.london produce a range of heritage treasure hunts to play on your phone.

NB We no longer run team building events exploring museums and galleries.


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